Tough battle in first rapidplay match of the season

Horsham hosted Crowborough as we kicked off this season's matches in the Mid Sussex League Rapidplay division. Last season this fixture saw a 2-2 draw which it was close to again, more of that later...

Junior club champion and board 1 Maya lost the toss (probably her technique of throwing the coin onto Theo's head wasn't the best...) and Crowborough took White on the odd boards. Brothers Paul and Kyle were making their debut on boards 3 and 4, and faced two tough opponents in Evie and Theo. Theo was first to win, breaking through Kyle's defences and winning lots of material. Paul fought well against Evie but she neutralised his marauding knight and finished things off with checkmate.

On board 1 Maya faced a dangerous sacrificial attack from Thomas but she defended calmly and counterattacked with her queen, leading to a back rank checkmate when Thomas pushed too hard. So Horsham were 2-1 down with one to play. On board 2 Harry had played the opening and early middlegame well but went astray later on. Defending a position the exchange down, he had a fleeting opportunity which is the subject of the puzzle below, but unfortunately missed it and Keith consolidated to win.

So well done to Crowborough who were 3-1 winners. This season there are both home and away fixtures so we get the chance to even the score in 2018!

M. McMahon 1-0 T. Martin
H. Yip 0-1 K. Martin
P. Fabian 0-1 E. Seddon
K. Fabian 0-1 T. Hall

The diagram shows Harry's game after Keith as Black had played an unwise ...Qd2?? What could Harry have played to turn the tables? Answer below in the comments.


Anthony Higgs's picture

Harry had Re8+! winning Black's queen with a backwards discovered attack using the bishop. Bonus points if you spotted that after Re8+ Kd7 White has the intermediate move Rd8+! which even keeps the white rook too. Unlucky Harry but still a good game and good to see you using your time much better.