Quickplay Knockout

Quickplay Knockout 2019-20

First round losers go into the plate competition.

A Higgs won the plate competition.

Main Competition

Round One

J Mansson 2-0 R Slade
N Ashby 2-0 G Turvey
L Bennet-Stevens 2-0 WJ Marshall
M Hosker 2-0 R Waddingham
R Barrowclough 2-0 D Gray
B Donnelly 2-0 I Comley
M Forster (jr) 2-0 P Helliwell
C Snook-Lumb 2-0 C Cowley
D Britton 2-0 A Burling
N Warren 2-1 C Heath
A Taylor 2-0 S Biddiss
P Harbott 1.5-0.5 A Higgs

Round Two

J Mansson had a bye
N Ashby 2-0 L Bennet-Stevens
R Barrowclough 2-1 M Hosker
B Donnelly had a bye
M Forster (jr) had a bye
D Britton had a bye, as C Snook-Lumb withdrew
A Taylor 2-1 N Warren
P Harbott had a bye

Round Three

N Ashby 2-1 J Mansson
R Barrowclough vs B Donnelly
M Forster (jr) vs D Britton
P Harbott 2-1 A Taylor


N Ashby vs TBC
TBC vs P Harbott

Plate Competition

Round Two

R Slade had a bye
WJ Marshall 2-0 G Turvey
R Waddingham 2-0 D Gray
I Comley had a bye
P Helliwell had a bye
A Burling 2-1 C Cowley
C Heath 2-0 S Biddiss
A Higgs had a bye

Round Three

WJ Marshall 2-1 R Slade
I Comley 2-0 R Waddingham
A Burling 2-0 P Helliwell
A Higgs 2-0 C Heath


WJ Marshall 1.5-0.5 I Comley
A Higgs 2-0 A Burling


A Higgs 2-0 WJ Marshall

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